About Prayers of Light and Color

I rediscovered a passion for photography and it is now an integral part of my spiritual life. To paraphrase others, it is not that I capture images, rather images capture me.

As I explained to family and friends,"I have found a spiritual centering in the photographic enterprise. The process of creating images begins with sensitivity to the patterns and juxtapositions of everyday life. As a Buddhist might say, one leaves the front door with a mindfulness for the visual carnival that surrounds us. It means being alive to the energy and detail of life, whether on a solitary walk or when capturing someone's essence in a frame. Noticing and anticipating life on a photo adventure always leads me to communion with God. To walk through this landscape with heightened senses is both a gift from God and a prayer with God. This is where my peace begins."

The communion continues into the evening as I prepare images for printing. Highlighting the inner beauty of an image through a digital darkroom is a final meditation on a specific subject. A good photograph conveys the sense and feeling of the person, location, or subject at a given point in time; and it does so by telling a story through the use of light and color. The final images are ultimately my expressions of admiration and gratitude for God's gifts and presence in my life. They are Prayers of Light and Color."

Dwight retired from a successful business career and returned to graduate school to complete a Master of Divinity degree in 2003. He has been active in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the San Francisco Bay Area, served as photographer in residence at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, and has won a number of awards and recognition for his images. Dwight has recently relocated to Kailua, Hawaii with his wife, The Rev. Mary Paik. Mary is the Senior Pastor at Nuuanu Congregational Church where they continue to serve in ministry together.